Remit choice money transfer allows to send money home fee free and good exchange rate, remit choice provide secured and transparent way to send money to your loved ones

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You can see the various status of your transaction(s):

OK: Your transaction has been forwarded to the payout and it will be credited to your beneficiary’s account.

Paid: Your beneficiary has received the transferred amount.

Compliance Hold: There is a need for additional details/documents from the sender to proceed Transaction.

Canceled: The transaction has been auto-canceled or canceled upon the customer’s request.

Incomplete: The Transaction process hasn’t been completed by the user.

In Process: A transaction is being reviewed and the details/documents are being verified for further processing.

For your first transaction, you have to provide proof of identification (local government-issued photo ID) i.e. passport, driving license, residence card, or national ID card.

You can get assistance regarding any issues/concerns by contacting us via website, in-app chat (iOS/Android) or email address [email protected]