By Using a Mobile App

  • Login in to your account
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on refer a friend option.
  • Click on the share option. Here you will get a Referral URL.
  • Share it with your loved ones overseas.

By Using Website

  • Login in to your account
  • Click on the Right corner option named to invite a friend
  • Fill in the required information of the person who wants to be referred.
  • By using these options, you will send a link to invite your friend and family. By doing this refer and the referee will be given a reward from Remit Choice.

We are always in search of finding best for our customers. With best exchange rates and zero fee for each transaction will add up to the 2.5% incentives given by the government of Bangladesh. Get awarded in two ways we hope it will work best for you and your loved ones in Bangladesh.

Remit Choice offering Bangladeshi people to win a Diamond pendant every day. Our "Diamond Locket Campaign" is the outcome of our collaboration with Bkash Limited. Following steps are needed to be done to enhance the chances of your receiver winning a stunning diamond locket.
• Send higher than the minimum transaction limit of 15,000 BDT.
• Use the services of Remit Choice and send money into Bkash wallet of the receiver.
• Higher amount receiver in a single transaction will be awarded a diamond locket every day.
Don`t miss this amazing opportunity to make your receiver day even more special!
Offer valid until 28th Feb 2023.

The Ghana Incentive offer from Remit Choice is an exciting opportunity for our customers to not only send money home at the best exchange rates and zero fee but also provide an additional incentive to their loved ones. With a minimum transfer amount of 20,000 GHS, your loved-ones will receive the credit of 10 CEDIS as an extra incentive in their Zee pay mobile wallet. 

Send now and make the most of our Cashback campaign to benefit your loved ones in Ghana.

Offer valid until 28th Feb 2023

Remit Choice with AFIA Financials in Gambia offering cashback reward of 1.5% extra to your beneficiaries on each money transfer. To avail of the cashback offer, the receiver must collect the transferred money from AFIA branches across the country. This offer is available for one month only.

Offer valid until 13th April 2023.

It’s always been amusing to send money via Remit Choice to loved ones. This time we have a superb offer for your beneficiaries in the Gambia. Have a look at how much cashback your receiver will get according to the transferred amount limit.

Sending amount GMD                                     Cashback GMD

10,000 to 14,999                                                25

15,000 to 19,999                                                50

  20,000 to 40,000                                                100

 41,000 to 90,999                                                150

  100,000 or more                                                200

Ensure your receiver collects cash from Muha Branches to get cashback reward.

Throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, your receiver will get a free package of food items on every cash collection from Muha outlets throughout the country. Make more transactions with Remit Choice and surprise your loved ones in Gambia. The minimum limit of the transferred amount must of 4000 GMD or above.

Offer valid until 22 April 2023

With our limited-time offer, every transfer of 3500 GMD or more will give your recipient an additional 1% as a cash power reward. So, send money back home through Remit Choice and ask your beneficiary to collect cash from AFRO outlets to avail of this power-up offer.

Offer valid until 22 April 2023

Send money to Bangladesh and increase your receiver`s chance of winning a 1000 BDT bonus. The receiver with the highest amount will be awarded the exclusive bonus, also winners will be announced every hour. 

Note: Minimum amount of remittance is 15000 BDT.

Don`t miss out on this exciting offer. T&C Apply

Offer valid until 30th June 2023.

Send maximum remittance through Remit Choice and Nepal Remit to gift your siblings a chance to WIN 100 GBP. Imagine their thrill as your gesture becomes the ultimate Raksha Bandhan Dakshina. It`s not just money; it`s the joy of winning, the warmth of your love, and the sweetest way to bridge any distance. Make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable with our limited-time offer!

Offer Valid Until 31 August 2023

Avail of the benefit of our cash fusion offer before expiring, every transfer of D3500 or above will surprise your loved ones in Gambia with an extra 1% cash power / cash back reward on cash collection from Muha outlets across the country.

Offer valid until 15 Sep 2023

Bring joy on the faces of your loved ones in Gambia with 1% cash back reward when they collect funds from any of the convenient Easy Financial branches across the entire country. Just make D3500 or above transaction with Remit Choice and enjoy our special rewarding limited time offer.

Offer valid until 31 August 2023