Your transaction will be reviewed within 5-10 minutes in a way to complete the verification process.

You need to login into your Remit Choice account for checking the record of your transaction(s) by the time.

Login to your Remit Choice account.
Click on the My Recipient option.
Click on Add New Recipient.
Fill in the required information.
Click on Submit.

You can check the status of your transaction(s) through our mobile apps (Android/iOS) and website.

For App

You can check the status of your transaction(s) by clicking on the option “Track Transfer” on the Dashboard.

For Website

If you want to check the status of your transaction(s) from the website, you have to log in to your account first.

 You can find all the transactions on your dashboard with the current status.

  • Login to your Remit Choice account.
  • Click on the My Recipient option.
  • Choose the recipient you need to change the details for.
  • Update the information.
  • Click on Submit button.

For a refund of a transaction, you can send a request at [email protected] via your registered email address.

It depends on your bank’s pre-defined time period for refund processing.

Your transaction(s) can be auto-canceled:

  • If you don’t provide mandatory information while making a transaction. The transaction will be incomplete and auto-canceled after 6 hours.
  • If your issuer bank doesn’t allow your payment to be processed.
  • If you have insufficient funds in your account.
  • If your withdrawal limit has been exceeded.
  • If you are using multiple email addresses for one credit/debit card.
  • If the 3-D Secure is not enabled for your card.
  • If your IP is different from the country, you are registered for.

An account can be inactive for the below-mentioned reasons:
  1.  A customer has requested us to inactive or delete his/her account.
  2.  A customer has created multiple accounts which are not permitted and the additional account(s) will be inactive or deleted.

There is no as such limit on the amount which you can transfer by using Remit Choice as long as you provide us with proof of the funds which you are sending are from the legally verifiable source.

The company is excited to announce the new feature of open banking. Amazingly this feature will help customers to make the transaction without installing the specific bank App or Putting card Details manually. From now on our customers can send money directly by using the Remit choice Open banking Feature which is a much broader sense of replacing the usage of traditional credit or debit card system.

Here is the working of open banking

  • Install remit choice mobile apor our website
  • Choose Recipient enter any amount
  • Click payment
  • Enter your bank account username and password
  • Review the auto-generated invoice by your Bank
  • Click pay & it’s done just in a few minutes 

This Thrilled feature will enable our customers to make the transaction process faster and easier than previously. We are right on the way to facilitating our customers as early as possible by keep introducing new features for them.