remit choice mobile application available on itune play store and huawei App gallery

Simple, Secure and Convenient

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  • get fee free register on remit choice money transfer to send money anytime anywhere around the world

    Quick Signup

  • online funds transfer payment methods

    Easy Access to Payment History

  • track online transaction status on remit choice money transfer

    Track Transfer on One Tap

  • remit choice transaction processing details

    Simple Transaction Process

  • find daily high exchange rates

    Live Rates that can be checked without login

Requirement and Availability

APP Requirements

  • All Mobile Phones having Android and IOS Operating Systems can easily use REMIT CHOICE Application

APP Specification

  • Must have an Internet Connection
    (Wi-Fi or Mobile Data)
  • Minimum 5.0 Android and 11.0 IOS version
  • The app should be granted required permissions to smooth use


  • REMIT CHOICE app is Accessible on the play store and App store